My first introduction to martial arts was the Students of Goju Ryu summer camp of 2015. It was the perfect combination of challenging and fun, and right away I knew it was something I wanted to learn more about. 

In 2017, I first became fascinated with, and begun to practice Vinyasa yoga, and in 2019 I travelled to Kerala, India for a one month yoga-teacher certification course, staying an additional month in India in order to gain some real experience, living and breathing yoga.
Now I teach yoga both at First Class Gym, and at Students of Goju Ryu, where I also practice self-defense karate as a student. The yoga I teach at Students of Goju Ryu is primarily Hatha-Vinyasa, though I can also teach Ashtanga.
You are more than welcome to attend, regardless of your experience and current level of strength and flexibility, as I adapt my classes to those present. My classes are also free of charge for Students of Goju Ryu members.